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Has Scott been 'very clear' on stimulus position?

Buried in today's Scott/McCollum stimulus kerfuffle is an interesting nugget from Scott spokesman Jen Baker: "Rick Scott has made it very clear that he opposes the stimulus and would have voted against it if he were in Congress.  As Governor, he has said he would not have used stimulus funds to balance the state budget."

Hmm. Not sure if this qualifies as "very clear" or not: When Scott put in his qualifying papers last week, Scott was asked if he would have accepted the stimulus funds. He said, "As you know, the governor doesn't have the -- doesn't choose with the stimulus money." He then pivoted to talk about how much he dislikes the federal debt.

-- John Frank


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FL voter

This guy is done. He'll go down in flames like Charlie Crist.


My take:




Scott is a fraud and can't answer any question intelligently. He can do TV commercials. Scott was invited to debate McCollum and not only will not show up he would not responded to the request to the group inviting him for the debate. He went directly to the media. What a 1st class coward.

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