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The gloves are off: Joe Garcia attacking David Rivera on immigration, oil drilling

Democratic congressional hopeful Joe Garcia has come out with a couple of YouTube videos bashing state Rep. David Rivera -- the Republican front runner in the race for U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart's current seat -- for his stances on oil drilling and Arizona's controversial immigration law.

In one video, Garcia slams Rivera for not supporting or opposing the immigration law. Garcia called the law "racist" on two Spanish-language TV appearances last week.

Florida Republicans -- particularly Hispanics like Rivera and Senate candidate Marco Rubio -- are walking a fine line on their comments on the law (see stories here, here and here). Rivera has said illegal immigration should be addressed at the federal level -- and that the Arizona law would "absolutely not" solve the illegal immigration problem.

On oil drilling, Rivera told us last month that he supports existing laws that keep drilling away from the shore, like a federal ban that prohibits drilling 125 miles off state beaches.

"I think it should be maintained until we can assess what happened in this case," he said of the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico. "I would not shut down oil exploration. I would make sure that everything is done to assess what went wrong in this case."

Last year, Rivera voted for a bill in the Florida House that would have allowed drilling between three and 10 miles off Florida's shore. The bill died after the Senate did not take it up.

In another video, Garcia is proposing an online petition for Gov. Charlie Crist to call a special legislative session to constitutionally ban drilling off Florida's coast. Crist had sought such a session soon after the spill; Republicans decried the move as a political ploy.


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Sorry Joe, you're going to lose AGAIN. No one watches YouTube videos except hard core supporters who are going to vote for you anyway. David Rivera is nuts, but will have plenty of money and once he decides to start attacking Joe, it's going to be over. Joe has done nothing in 6 years. He ruined the Cuban American National Foundation and left (asked to leave?), then he was unemployed and ran for Congress in 2008, where he lost. Then he took a job with the administration which will ultimately be his downfall (bc being tied to this administration is a killer as we have seen in races across the country). If he couldn't get elected riding Obama's long coat tails in 2008, I see no reason he can win this race in probably the worst year to run as a Democrat in the past decade. Sorry Joe, but you should have stayed in DC and at least made some money. Now you're just taking money from other candidates who could use it and might have a chance of actually winning. Joe going negative this early reeks of a worried a campaign who knows they're in trouble. Timing is everything in politics, and sorry to say Joe, but your timing sucks.

Tom Frank

This guy below is totally clueless. The district where Joe Garcia is running is one of the most Hispanic districts in the country which is a community where Obama's approval ratings are soaring. To be tied to Obama in that district is actually A GOOD THING.

True Blue

Come November candidates will be falling over themselves to be tied to Obama.

Brian Tanner


The fact of the matter is that not only is David Rivera out of touch with Florida, he's very out of touch with the district he is running in. The man has no moral or ethical spine, and votes based on who is going to write him checks. His ambition is not to help others, but to advance himself. He is power hungry, he is not eloquent, and worst of all he isn't very intelligent.

The negative campaigning helps bring to life the qualities of the real David Rivera. When David decides to spend all that money he has attacking Joe, it won't mean anything because people will already know him for what he is: a usual politician.

Buy an Abacus

The worst time to be running as a Democrat in the past decade WWMD?

2000 was an ok time
2002 was terrible.
2004 was terrible.
2006 was ok.
2008 was good.
2010 is ok probably.

You're an eijit, hope Joe wins!

Jordan 13

The administration of the law can never go lax where every individual sees to it that it grows not lax in his own case, or in cases which fall under his eyes. (Mark Twain, American writer)

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