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Kathy Castor to press BP for more Florida research $$

Tampa Rep. Kathy Castor says USF's confirmation that there is deepwater oil is of "grave concern to the tourism and fishing industries, which rely on clean beaches and clean water for their livelihoods."

She says she'll meet with BP Executive Vice President David Nagel and will "insist" that BP direct $100 million to Florida university researchers to study the ecological effects of the oil spill. BP already has pledged $500 million for academic research. she said, "and Florida’s universities and USF need resources to continue their data collection and analyses.


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Seriously? The universities don't get enough money? They have staff and students and funding to do the research. How about helping with the clean up!!! How about helping the businesses that will suffer! How about calming the tourists who are canceling their vacations? How about rescuing the birds and protecting our reefs and other wildlife. Forget about 'research' and take ACTION!!!

Just another money hungry politician!

Just another politician looking to take advantage of a situation to get money for their friends.

Use the money to help stop the damage from the leak or hire fisherman who are out of work to skim the surface or build something to block the oil from the beaches. If you toilet was overflowing, would you analyze the waste or would you stop it and clean it up?

Jim D

Now we get to watch the progressives continue to eat there own. We new that Blanche Lincoln was on the menu but who would guess that they would eat the queen her self Nancy Pelosi.

Well I guess Grandmom and her walker at the Tea Party is not the only thing that Pelosi has to be worried about.

Kathy your next!


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