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How Dean Cannon's $727k could help Alex Sink

Soon-to-be House Speaker Dean Cannon has joined soon-to-be Senate President Mike Haridopolos in the big-money bashing of fellow Republican Rick Scott, who is now the front-runner v. their governor candidate, Bill McCollum.  Cannon's committee gave the cash, $727,000 in three big chunks (more here) to the Florida First Initiative, which McCollum is using as a vehicle to bash Scott.

Haridopolos, as we reported last week, isn't far behind with his Citizens Speaking Out group, which has yet to post a web page detailing its financing activity.

All the scorched-earth big-spending against Scott could prove to be a little risky for the GOP. Suppose he actually wins the primary election and he has to face Democrat Alex Sink with his entire party having called him a party to a massive fraud. Now whom does that help?

But wait. There's more. One Republican pointed out to us that the money Haridopolos and Cannon have raised through their committees might have gone to help Republican legislative candidates (Frank Artiles for state Rep., anyone?). Now the cash is going to McCollum instead. That might make some of the tea-party-leaning rank-and-filers not so happy.

** Update: McCollum Friday acknowledged his relationship with Florida First and another group, Sunshine State Freedom Fund, by filing with the state's election division a Statement of Solicitation detailing his involvement. Intriguingly, McCollum's Building Integrity & Lasting Leadership Fund seems pretty dormant, save a few recent expenditures to an accountant and a $40,000 contribution to the Republican Party of Florida on 8/19/09. Wonder what that was for? Paying the bills when RPOF was almost failed to make payroll?

Haridopolos' Freedom First Committee and Cannon's Liberty Fund each received $500,000 from three companies controlled by Miramar doctors Paul Zimmerman and Gerald Glass on June 16 ($150k each from Orthopaedic Fellowship Group; another $150k each from Durable Medical and another $200k each from Green Solar Transportation). Haridopols then gave $403k to Citizens Speaking Out.


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George Fuller

Good Ole Boys don't want their cozy party crashed by some outsider even if he may be a real republican while all of the Good Ole Boys are RINOS.

The Good Ole Boys have controlled Tally for over a decade and what has Happened?

We have record unemployment and the GOBs borrow $300M a month to pay unemployment claims to over a million legal workers who spend their mornings looking out their windows at illegal aliens driving to work.

The GOBS have blocked all immigration legislation for the past 10 years and Jeffy Atwater, who would like a summit to pump up his campaign, personally saw to it two immigration bills got blocked as Senate president.

So no wonder the GOBs are out to get Scott because he intends to ruin the party by getting tough on illegal aliens and ending the gravy train contributions from the fat cat employers of illegal aliens.

Think Jeffy's replacement Mikey Haridopolos will be any better? His approach to handling the illegal alien crisis is to issue a statement saying "we want to dsicourage them from coming." Mikey has been in the state legislature since 2000 and the illegal alien population during that time period rose from 350K to approximately 950K.

The GOBs are willing to spend what it takes to protect their political turf and real republicans like Rick Scott are not welcome!

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