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McCollum acknowledges raising money for two 527s

Attorney General Bill McCollum filed disclosure forms Friday acknowledging he is raising money for two federal 527 political committees: Florida First Initiative and the newly created Sunshine Freedom Fund.

McCollum campaign spokeswoman Kristy Campbell said he began soliciting contributions only recently and made the filing subject to a state law that requires elected officials and candidates to follow tougher disclosure rules. And Campbell rejected the idea that the filings -- which come after weeks of scrutiny -- reflect an admission that the campaign needed to disclose the information earlier, as rival Rick Scott has argued.

Scott formed his own federal 527 to circumvent the state's spending caps and filed his paperwork Wednesday. McCollum is no where near the $24.9 million ceiling but established the separate political groups in order to raise unlimited contributions to attack Scott.


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Timmy TwoToes

How on earth could this not be an admission of a violation of the law. If he is required to file the disclosures at all, he was required to file them weeks ago.

The only reason he's doing so now is because Rick Scott is showing him up with his own, LEGAL, 527 group.

Go away McCollum.


For FL Governor Candidates: Where do you stand on FCAT?



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