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McCollum hits Scott, slaps Crist in robo call

A new robo call from the Bill McCollum campaign:

"Meet Mr. Slick - Rick Scott.

"He's been busted twice this week by Florida newspapers for telling whoppers about Bill McCollum.  According to the experts, Mr. Slick - Rick Scott, and his campaign have been lying about Bill McCollum's position on the issues of abortion and immigration.

"Between Obama and Crist Floridians are tired of typical politicians - willing to say anything to be elected. In August Republicans have a choice.  Let's restore principled conservative leadership to Tallahassee, vote for Bill McCollum."


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Interesting trifecta attack except McCollum is the epitome of the tired typical politician.


He's more than tired... he's freakin' asleep!


If Republicans nominate Scott--a liar, fraudster, and thief--a crooked shyster turned slimy business executives, they deserve to lose all political power.

Haven't they had enough of being fooled by the likes of Shucking and Jiving Cristo-Change-O, and Jim Greer, his stooge and flunky?

Imagine what kind of troglodyte scumbags would infest a Rick Scott administration!

His "management" would have the entire state of Florida brought up on federal charges and fined mega-billions.


whasup: Waiting for who would be first today to use troglodyte. Sweet!

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