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Meek wears the bracelet

Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek was sporting this bracelet today protesting Arizona's tough new law aimed at nabbing illegal immigrants. He said he got it from Democratic Rep. Joe Bacca of California, former chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.



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What laws WOULD Congressman Meek like to have enforced?

Lost Island

I'm glad Congressman Meek is taking a firm stand against the institutional racism being perpetrated in Arizona! Huzzah!

True Blue

The meek may inherit the earth - but this Meek will never inherit the Florida Senate seat.

Between Rubio, Meek and Crist who does this sap think hispanics will support???

tiger tim

---Whatever your view of the illegals issue

FACT IS ---it is being skilfully milked by
biz-nihilist bogus 'conservatives' a la
'America-Firster' Pat Buchanan to divert attention --and even troops! -away from supporting our ally South Korea -even in this time of crisis.

AGAIN -whatever your 'positions' -the bogus
'conservative' biz-nihilists a la Buchanan
and Fox News -are to be watched --carefully.

There's MORE going on here than meets the eye.
What's MOST disturbing is the obvious level
of sordid consensus which is actually operating
between the psuedo-right and the lowest PC
franchise slum pimps of Hollywood.

BTW ---are we the ONLY ones noticing that
the 60th Anniversary of the staggeringly
relevant 60th Anniversary of the -STILL-
unfolding KOREAN WAR was once again 'mysteriously overlooked' by one and all?

Right Wingers are destroying Freedom Liberty and Democracy

I agree that illegal immigration is a problem, but joining Osama bin Laden and the Tea Party in this attempt to turn the USA into an fascist military state is not the way to go.


Perhaps Ms. Democracy would have us throw open the borders and allow every Mexican, Canadian or Cuban who so desires into the country? Thanks to our abysmal school system we already have enough semi-literate dropouts competing for the minimum wage jobs. Do we need more? If someone could explain to me what compels us to categorically ignore immigration law as applied to Mexicans I may be convinced otherwise but in the meantime I firmly believe a nation of laws has a duty to enforce the law or take the democratic steps necessary to change the law. Mexicans are notoriously pleasant and hard-working. But what will become of us if we allow hordes of godless Canadians into our country? I shudder to think!

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