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Meek-Greene debate testy from the get-go

Tuesday's debate between Democratic Senate candidates Jeff Greene and Kendrick Meek was loaded with personal insults, pie-in-sky claims and wild exaggerations.

As expected, Greene went after the Miami congressman for seeking federal funds for a developer later charged with stealing $1 million. Just as predictably, Meek tore into Greene for having registered as a Democrat only two years ago and for profiting from the real estate meltdown.

This being their first face-to-face encounter, the rhetoric quickly escalated. Greene suggested that Meek had caused the housing crisis -- and the devastation from the Gulf oil spill -- by failing to prevent them. Meek made it sound like Greene personally served foreclose notices to Florida homeowners and then laughed his way to the bank.

Greene stumbled a bit when he looked at his notes more than once but loosened up as the debate went on.  "I don't think you ever know what a credit default swap or a derivative is,'' scoffed the real estate tycoon. His most awkward moment was when he was forced to admit he drove a Cadillac Escalade -- the same car he has mocked Meek's mother for receiving as payment from developer Dennis Stackhouse.



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Dems 4 MEEK

Kendrick Meek is the ONLY candidate in this race that appears not to be in it for himself. If he REALLY was a career politician, like Greene says he is, then he would not have left his safe congressional seat. Meek has proven to the people of Florida that he is ready to lead this state.

Dems can't forget Greene ran for US Congress in California as a Regan Republican!!!

Meek = Integrity/Bold Leadership/Action

Greene = Deception/Opportunism/Scumbag

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