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Newt Gingrich endorses old buddy Bill McCollum

Good news/bad news on the Bill McCollum front today. Newt Gingrich endorsed him for governor (“At a time when the size and scope of government is increasing at an alarming rate, our nation is looking for leaders who will fight for the principles of limited government, fiscal restraint and economic and personal freedom.  Floridians have such a leader in Bill McCollum,” Gingrich said) while Gary Fineout says McCollum is making rookie mistakes.

Another issue: Does McCollum agree with Gingrich about the oil claims escrow account? On Fox News earlier this month, Gingrich said this about the McCollum-backed escrow fund idea: "I mean has America degenerated into a Venezuelan-style country where the leader gets to pick somebody to hand out $20 billion and we think that's not going to be corrupt? All of this is outside the law."


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Seth Platt

Enough Said.
Vote Alex Sink for Governor of Florida in 2010.

True Blue

Newt/Failin for '12.

The prez. will be shaking in his boots!!! LOL

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