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PBA endorses Ausley for CFO

On the heels of its endorsement of Alex Sink for governor, the Police Benevolent Association has now announced it will support Loranne Ausley in her bid to be chief financial officer.

Sink's endorsement was news because the PBA hadn't endorsed a Democrat for governor since Lawton Chiles' first run in 1990. Now, with its endorsement of an underfunded Ausley over Senate President Jeff Atwater, the group seems to have gotten religion on Democrats.

Unsure about why the group is making the shift, but it could have something to do with the opening of a new private prison in North Florida and lingering unease over potential cuts to prison workers' pensions.

Matt Puckett, the deputy executive director for the PBA, says the group likes people "that wanted to take care of law enforcement officers and public employees." He also noted that "it didn't help matters" that the new private prison opened up on Atwater's watch.


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Denny R. Wood

Hopefully the PBA will lead a lot of people not to endorse Jeff Atwater. He was instrumental in making sure the U.S. Constitution Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)from seeing the Senate Floor. This is a baton he inherited from past Republican President's of the Senate since 2003. Atwater also was instrumental in helping the Sgt. of Arms make sure that Gallery restrooms were not accessible to people in wheelchairs. And that includes the Men's restroom just out side of the President of the Senate office. And the restroom outside the Clinic. Hopefully, our ADA violator will get the same treatment from other people with disabilities and their supporter. We do not need to send Atwater to the first floor, where all the cabinet members also do not have restrooms for people in wheelchairs. It is time to toss the "good old boys" like Atwater under the bus. Send him back to his failing bank. Atwater has stuck it to women and the disabled for two years as President. Now it is our turn. twww.dennywood.net

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