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President Obama heads to Florida as George LeMieux asks "Whose butt is he kicking?"

From the White House: On Monday, June 14 and Tuesday, June 15, President Obama will travel to Mississippi, Alabama and Florida to further assess the latest efforts to counter the BP oil spill.

The trip comes as Obama pushes back against criticism that his administration has been slow to respond to the spill.

Here's Florida Sen. George LeMieux suggesting Obama has been in the Gulf for three "photo-ops," but it's not enough. "I don't want to see him coming down doing a photo op and going back to Chicago to play golf.. (he's) saying he's going to kick butt...he hasn't even talked to Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP. Whose butt is he kicking?

LeMieux -- who also gives Gov. Charlie Crist's handling of the oil spill good marks -- comes in at 3:50 minutes. (He also says he and Charlie had no idea about Jim Greer's special deal. "People seem to be willing to say anything to save their own skin," he says of Greer.)


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