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Q Poll: Charlie Crist edges Marco Rubio in a 3-way; voters oppose drilling in 48 point swing

Charlie Crist edges Marco Rubio "by a nose" -- 37 to 33 percent with Kendrick Meek picking up 17 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll.

The pollsters threw Jeff Greene into the mix as well, with Crist topping Rubio 40 to 33 percent for Rubio and Greene pulling 14 percent.

In the wake of the Gulf oil spill, Florida voters oppose 51 to 42 percent increasing offshore drilling -- a 48 point swing from the 66 to 27 support in an April 19 survey.

"Obviously there is a long time until November, but the governor is doing very well among independent voters, almost as well as among Democrats as Meek and better among Democrats than Greene," said Peter Brown, assistant director of the university's polling institute. "With Rubio getting 2/3 of the Republican vote, the fate of Gov. Crist...depends heavily on his ability to appeal to Democratic voters."

Full results here.


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Wow, I can't believe how pathetic Kendrick is...17%? He should have just kept his seat or he should just drop out. This is going to be embarrassing come election day if he can't even break 20%. I'm a democrat and will not vote for Kendrick bc I don't think he is qualified. Go Charlie!



True Blue

November election results:

Crist - 42%

Meek - 33%

Rubio - 25%

Teabaggers - 0%

Jeb Bush - less than zero.

Saint Petersblog

Now we're getting numbers from Rasmussen Poll: Crist 37, Rubio 37, Meek 17.



Wait until the federal criminal probe bombshell drops later this summer.

Money laudering and wire fraud from party funds for whom?

Somebody's a dead man walking.

Bryan K Donnelly

Basically the campaign has not yet really started; thus Charlie "my principles are based on my latest poll-focus group" Crist is slightly ahead. As a sitting (and very BAD) governor he has the hightst name recognition. Brain dead "moderates" have no real opinion right now; largely because they know nothing and are too lazy to find out. These are the bufoons who make their decision in the last week or two, most often based on nothing of the slightest substance' "likeable," "nice smile" etc.

Wait until the real campaign starts. Marco will devastate Crist, who has been on both sides of almost every issue, in a debate. Moreover Charlie's deep involvement with the (prizon bound) late GOP state chariman Jim Greer's sleaze will also come out big time.

Don't forget black voters. Should Meek lose the Democrat-socialist primary they'll stay home in droves, hamstringing the Democrats. Even if it is apparent that Marxist Obama clone Meek gets the nomination, if he is not viable and electable, they'll likely stay home as well. Even the senescent "condo commandos" perpetually seeking government freebies are not happy with senior killing Obamacare; stay home or even vote GOP. Absent strong backing from BOTH groups NO Democrat-socialist can win statewide in Florids. And the "tea party" Republican supporters are a fired up and will turn out completely as so many did NOT to support RINO McCain in 2008.

Marco Rubio will be the next US Senator from Florida and one day a real presidential possiblity. I've seen him at work as speaker, in debates, and in person. He's telegenic and impressive as hell!


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