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Rick Scott (awkwardly) courts Hispanic vote

Gubernatorial candidate/political rookie Rick Scott's fumbled a bit in his visit yesterday to the Versailles restaurant in Little Havana, a must-stop for statewide candidates courting the influential Hispanic vote.

Faux paus #1: He mysteriously came and went within five minutes. Later, he said he wanted to talk to patrons without the media -- even though his campaign had invited the press.

Faux paus #2: The Naples resident admitted he had never had Cuban coffee. Que horror! Apparently told that drinking coffee at Versailles was not optional, he tried to explain to the waitress -- in English -- that he's not a coffee drinker. She brought him an unidentified coffee-like beverage that he declared was delicious.

Faux paus #3: Scott was forced to admit that not a cent of the $11 million he has spent on television advertising was in Spanish. (Also, a lot of his ads tout a new Arizona law that requires immigrants to carry their green cards and allows police to question suspected illegals that they stop or arrest.)

Full story here. 


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I am not supporting Scott but it makes me angry that it is news when you don't speak or run campaign ads in Spanish. My family came here and learned English, why should we now be FORCED to speak Spanish? I am really mad over this!!!


First public screwup courtesy of Arlene.

Dump her now, Rick Scott! She's toxic!

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