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Rick Scott (awkwardly) courts Hispanic vote

Gubernatorial candidate/political rookie Rick Scott's fumbled a bit in his visit yesterday to the Versailles restaurant in Little Havana, a must-stop for statewide candidates courting the influential Hispanic vote.

Faux paus #1: He mysteriously came and went within five minutes. Later, he said he wanted to talk to patrons without the media -- even though his campaign had invited the press.

Faux paus #2: The Naples resident admitted he had never had Cuban coffee. Que horror! Apparently told that drinking coffee at Versailles was not optional, he tried to explain to the waitress -- in English -- that he's not a coffee drinker. She brought him an unidentified coffee-like beverage that he declared was delicious.

Faux paus #3: Scott was forced to admit that not a cent of the $11 million he has spent on television advertising was in Spanish. (Also, a lot of his ads tout a new Arizona law that requires immigrants to carry their green cards and allows police to question suspected illegals that they stop or arrest.)

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