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Rick Scott fact-checks rival McCollum

The debut ad from Rick Scott's federal 527, Let's Get to Work, is called "Fact Checking Bill McCollum." Scott is using the group to help him stay under the campaign finance limits -- $24.9 million -- that would then give rival McCollum a dollar-for-dollar match.


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The guy's toast, which is good news for Sink. Scott will be easier to beat in the general.


Its a pretty good ad. Not sure you will get R's to believe that McCollum is "more liberal" than we think. Of all the knocks on McCollum (no charisma, career politician, can't win the big election etc.) the one thing that is not in question are his conservative bona fides.

Bill Thompson

Maybe I missed something, but has anyone with credibility endorsed Scott? Make that, Has anyone, ANYONE endorsed Rick Scott?


How to vote…………..

Ask your candidates their opinion of the Arizona law.
If they agree,vote for them!
If not,vote against them!
Regardless of party!


Really Floridians are going to vote dem during a tidal wave against the policy's that are drowning America. Get out of the Sun and wake up.

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