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Rothstein, in protective custody, now talking to feds and seeking mercy

As convicted Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstein returned on a private jet to Fort Lauderdale in November, he vowed to spill his guts to the FBI and federal prosecutors. Now in protective custody, he has helped the feds target a reputed Italian mafioso in an undercover sting and is seeking mercy in his sentencing Wednesday.

``As a result of the level of my cooperation, I am housed in a `protective custody unit,' and when and if I am ever released from prison, I will likely never see my family again,'' he wrote the judge in letters filed Friday.

``But I do not feel sorry for myself nor do I want anyone's sympathy. I deserve and expect the punishment I will receive. What I am deeply and sincerely sorry for is the horrific pain and harm I have inflicted on so many people.''

Here's Jay Weav'ers Saturday story for the Herald. Here's Lucy Morgan's story today in the Times'.


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