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Scott fibs in tying McCollum to Planned Parenthood

Rick Scott's new campaign mailer is blasting his Republican primary opponent for governor, Bill Rulings%2Ftom-pantsonfire McCollum, as being in the pocket of the pro-choice group Planned Parenthood. "Bill McCollum has accepted thousands from lobbyists for Planned Parenthood," says the outside of the mailer.

Read Politifact's ruling here.


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Slick Rick Scott

"Fib?" This is a bald (no pun)lie! Tricky Ricky strikes again. However, this appears to be his modus operandi based on what we have seen from his past activites; medicare fraud, illegal immigrant enabling and of course his purely
vanity, ego driven ridiculous power grab itself.

Republicans, please bypass the MSM, think for yourselves and vote McCollum this August.


Let's Get to Walk Rick Scott best represents Republican Ideals of corruption and blatant unfitness for government service and should carry their banner to the November election.

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