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Sink asks BP exec to see oil personally

Quick break from the wall-to-wall Jim Greer coverage. Here's CFO Alex Sink on the oil spill: “Tony Hayward, his company British Petroleum, and his oil are projected to violate the pristine beaches and crystal clear ocean water of northwest Florida— and I expect him to be in Pensacola to see firsthand the damage his oil is causing."

"Mr. Hayward, you said you thought the impact of this leak would be 'modest.'  However, it's apparent that there is no effort too great to be put into play now – more boom, more sifting machines, more tractors, more resources and more money for our residents and businesses.  We need everything your huge, multi-billion corporation can afford, including a visible, high-level presence of BP executives to be on-site and accountable to Floridians.”