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Sink finds place as voice for small business in oil disaster

Sink in Pensacola 012 Sink in Pensacola 002  
Never mind the voice coaches who worked to get Alex Sink to soften her Southern twang, or the image-makers who urged her to be more aggressive, or the handlers who lined up free TV time.

The state chief financial officer and presumed Democratic nominee for governor may have found her campaign voice in the Gulf oil spill disaster that has consumed the coast of several states.

During the past two months, Sink has berated a BP executive whom she called to appear before the governor and Cabinet, criticized the Obama administration for failing to address troubles in BP's claims process, and worked to position herself as the spokeswoman for small businesses crippled by the oil catastrophe. (Photos: Sink on Pensacola Beach in interview with Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC and at the BP claims office speaking with business owner Tommy Holmes; Sean Shaw, her consumer advocate listens .)

``She's the only one that has stepped forward and taken the bull by the horns,'' said Tommy Holmes, ownear of Outcast Bait & Tackle, a Pensacola company he built 23 nyears ago now facing bankruptcy. More here.


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