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Thrasher: GOP board members questioned in Greer probe

Florida GOP Chairman John Thrasher told reporters Wednesday that the party is cooperating with current investigation that led to Jim Greer's arrest. He said authorities questioned several members of the state's executive committee about Victory Strategies, the political firm controlled by Greer that siphoned party money, but he didn't name names.

Thrasher also repeated claims that the party didn't know about the Victory Strategies agreement between Greer and Delmar Johnson, the former executive director of the party and part-owner in the company who is cooperating with investigators. "I think it clearly was a secret agreement," said Thrasher, who said he didn't know about it until it was reported in the newspapers.

Greer's attorneys have provided drafts of a severance agreement that indicates that party officials knew of it's existence well before the contract was discovered during a routine party audit and presented to authorities on Mar. 15.

Asked whether he is surprised the allegations don't involve the excessive credit card spending, Thrasher said he would be surprised if the IRS isn't looking into it.

But unlike recent party missives, Thrasher didn't use the opportunity to take direct shots at Gov. Charlie Crist, who picked Greer to run the party. He said Crist "can't walk away from" Greer entirely but demurred about whether this will become a campaign issue.

"He made the choice to leave (the party)," Thrasher said of Crist. "I don't think you see many people regretting that, including me."