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Union snubs Meek, endorses Crist

The Florida Pipe Trades typically leans Democratic in statewide races and heeds the endorsements of its umbrella organization, the AFL-CIO. Not this year. While the AFL-CIO is backing Democrat Kendrick Meek for the U.S. Senate, the12,000 pipefitters, plumbers and welders are going with Gov. Charlie Crist, the Republican-turned-independent candidate.

"This is a bit unusual,'' said the union's international representative, John Lindstrom. "We stepped out on this one because we thought it was that important...We have probably 30-35 percent unemployment in our ranks, and we think Gov. Crist has a better handle on it and can feel our pain more than anyone else.''

Lindstrom said the union was also backing Crist for his veto of a bill vehemently opposed by the teachers' union, which co-endorsed the governor and Meek.


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Dolts - and given that Crist has the most authority out of anyone to make things happen given his current job - what has he done for you? Nothing, that is why you have 30-35% unemployment... and you reward him with this...

True Blue

The meek may inherit the earth, but this Meek will never inherit this Fl. Senate seat. Momma can't do that, like she did for his seat in Congress.

Go back to hauling luggage at MIA.

Not Surprised

So I guess Crist is better at "stroking" special interests than Meek.


Maybe Lindstrom felt a special kinship with Crist, since they both have day-glow teeth and fake orange tans.

From the school of hard knocks

I am sorry but Democrats you are suckers. Crist ONLY cares about doing everything he can to be President. He will lie, cheat, steal. It is sad, but you will have to find out the hard way like countless people have already. And the credit card deal? He used others' cards to rack up charges on so THEY would take the fall. Too bad the country is going to suffer from that mistake.

The Truth

Why do they think they are big political players when they represent 0.06% of the state of Florida.

...and that's if you believe the Pipetrades campaign rhetoric, not their website which states they have 10,000 members in Florida.


Shucking Chuckles will use and abuse Democratic groups for his own personal ambition, and then leave them looking for a ride home after the date's over. Ask some groups on the Republican side how that feels. Cristo-Change-O has a long history of this, that the lefties can't see through all their ga-ga excitement over this tanned banana's recent switcheroo.

Too funny...

Way to suck hind tit to the teachers...losers.


their endorsement is the kiss of death. kudos crist.


Awwww....that's so cute....they think they're relevant!


An empty socialist union supports an empty suit with a tan and that is news. Crist is just about ready for another love filled walk on the beach with his hug buddy Obama for another photo op. Maybe Crist will go golfing with Obama and carry his bags.


I'm a Union Plumber and proud the Pipe Trades are supporting Crist. He is leading the race by 10% and when the Feds are done with Rubio there will only be little pieces left. As for the blog on supporting Crist after the teachers. It's my understanding the teachers co-endorsed Crist and Meek. After the Crist veto, I can't believe the teachers would ride the fence. I guess that wouldn't be sucking hind tit, it's called having no balls.

not jeff

There's balls and there's smarts. You can have one, you can have both, but only one of them routinely helps to ensure your success.


Drill baby drill; Mandated sonograms from Republican politicians who say they want less government, Republican politians who want to hold teachers responsible for "your" childs failures; Elected politicans who think the only way to govern is to say NO; It's great news that working people(Pipe Trades) are getting behind the next Senator from Florida.

Open Minded - Republican, married to a Democrat.

Reading this I wonder, should I be sarcastic or sincere!!!!!! So, let me see how I feel like answering.

Dolts – He has done much for FL!
Not Surprised - NO Stroking here!
CheshireCat – OK that was funny!
From the school of hard knocks – If you are…I would think you are a Democrat! Why, only Democrats are suckers…Bush worked out for you!
The Truth – Website probably not up to date. 12,000 correct!
whasup – The majority of politicians leave people looking for a ride home after the date is over.
Too funny – I believe the Teacher’s Union backed both!
Smooches - Don’t think so, look at history!
Amanda - They are very relevant!
alice - I am not even going to dignify that brainless adjective with a response.
Jeff – Exactly, after the Crist veto, there should be no question where their loyalty should be!
not jeff - Not so!

I see all sides!

The Truth

Open minded: Right, using 12,000 you represent less than 1% of Floridians. If you represent your members like you update your website, no wonder no one wants to join!

So sad

Paid union bosses pandering to popular politicians. Hey, I hear Sarah Palin has a pretty good following, maybe you oughta endorse her for Prez in 2012!

Open Minded

The Truth:

I did not use the figure 12,000.
I do not represent anyone.
It is not my website, and I do not update their website.

I am an honest, hard working person that does not assume, and was giving the benefit of the doubt. Just seeing things from all sides. You assume no one wants to join!

How many people do you, your organization, represent! People in glass houses...

So sad -- Comical. I do not think they were indulging in anyone's weaknesses. Maybe!

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