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1 "Republican" Horseman rides to the other's defense

Sen. John Thrasher, RPOF chairman and one of the so-called "Four Horsemen (more here)," ripped Republican Rick Scott for questioning Attorney General Bill McCollum (another horseman and Scott's opponent for governor) for his role in the Jim Greer scandal.

McCollum, like other Republican legislative leaders, long brushed off criticism of Greer's management and pleas that he help oust Greer and initially downplayed the significance of Greer's entering into a little-known fundraising contract. Thrasher suggests otherwise in a statement today that may draw some eye-rolling of those who tried to get McCollum to do something far sooner:

“Attorney General McCollum, Speaker-Designate Cannon, Senate President -Designate Haridopolos and I stood up to Governor Crist and worked to remove Jim Greer as Chairman because of his mismanagement of the Party. When evidence of the wrongdoing Jim Greer has now been indicted for was presented to us, Attorney General McCollum acted swiftly to refer our findings to the proper authorities.

“Mr. Scott’s repeated attacks on Attorney General McCollum, Dean Cannon and Mike Haridopolos are not based in truth and come straight from Jim Greer's talking points.  I'm hopeful Rick Scott will begin to lay out a positive message for why he is running for the Republican nomination to be our next Governor, instead of continuing to release false statements regarding fellow Republicans.”


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Robert Jenkins

The thing I find so strange here is McCollum,received a good deal of money from Greer and his co-horts.Then for political reasons, he decides to act. This is one reason to question the non-actions of McCollum. Do you think the lead law enforcement officer should be loyal to party,and contributions first? No, when McCollum is forced to answer questions on how and why he did not act, until he did; will show once and for all, he was very involved in the culture of corruotion that stillplaques this state.

ffxiv gil

McCollum, like other Republican legislative leaders, the long-term brush management and marketing Greer pleaded guilty, he helped overthrow the Greer and Greer initially played down a little-known fund-raising criticism of the significance of signing the contract. Homes in a statement suggesting otherwise, may draw some eyes today, those who tried to do something much earlier McCollum rolling:

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