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After Scott calls for e-Verify, McCollum does too

Rick Scott, trying to beef up his anti-illegal immigration creds in the Republican primary for governor, called on Thursday for all employers in Florida to use e-verify, a program that checks the legal status of employees.

Not to be outdone, primary rival Bill McCollum today released a letter to Gov. Charlie Crist asking him to have all state agencies use the program. "As one of Florida's largest employers, state government should lead by example." Read the full letter here.

Some businesses have pointed out that the system has a 4 percent error rate and could lead to a number of "false positives," where otherwise legal workers are flagged as illegal because of a record error.


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in his letter to the governor Mc Collum point out The state government is one of the largest employers but also county and city ,thousands of employees dooing nothing or little THEY ARE THE PARASITES of a corrupt system unproductive tugs draining the taxpayers money needed for productive jobs in green and alternative energy

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