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Allen West: instititutional racism is dead

Allen West, a black Republican candidate for Congress running against incumbent Democrat Ron Klein, has been called a radical and an extremist but he showed a more moderate side in most of his speech about education at a voters' forum at the Fort Lauderdale Christian School Thursday night.

West, a retired lieutenant Army colonel who spent a year teaching at Deerfield Beach High School, called for more vocational education, internships, less teaching to the test, empowering teachers and encouraging community involvement in the schools. He has called for the end of the U.S. Department of Education -- a department he says has grown too much.

After he spoke about education, the mostly white crowd of more than 100 West supporters asked questions on a variety of topics. Here are a few quotes from West from the forum: 

On West being called a radical:

"Once upon a time the British called the Founding Fathers radical," he said. "Today we call them Patriots."

On West's critics:

"There are spies out there. People have these folks called trackers. I invite them to come right down here up front. If you are going to publish something on a blog at least have the courage to look me in the eye."

On illegal immigration:

"Illegal immigration can have negative effects on our education system."

On taxes:

"We've got to transfer wealth out of Washington D.C. and back to each and every one of you," he said.

Oil spill:

"We cannot have a moratorium on oil drilling. ... We can't put these people in Louisiana out of work."


"I don't see myself as African-American, black American, I see myself as American," he said. "I'm very proud of the heritage of my parents, I am very proud of the heritage of my people. But when you stick a knife in me I bleed red, white and blue. ... Institutional racism in the U.S. is over."


"It's not about nation building. It's about being focused on the enemy. ... We'e got to kill the enemy. There is nothing wrong with saying that."


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Thanks for letting me know it was a mostly white crowd. I guess that's relevant to one who's totally obsessed with race.


Seriously...mostly white crowd? What difference does it make what color the crowd is? What about the message?
Race baiting is how we got into this mess, so stop with the "mostly white crowd" meme.
Next time focus on what he says, you might learn something.


Truly paranoid and poised with threats against potential constituents. Spies? Or frightened district voters more like it.
Wests radical views are supported by wealthy Americans who don't want to pay their fare share of taxes for programs that benefit the masses during a dual war. Real patriotic.
Not everyone can afford to send their children to Private Christian Schools or be fortunate enough to receive higher education from the federal government like West.
On Drilling: West has proposed putting Oil Rigs off Palm Beach. He has no respect for Florida's fragile coastal ecosystem.
@coments: It is relevant to point out that the crowd's racial makeup if he is telling them Institutional Racism is Dead, how would they know any better. Many I'm sure would disagree with this point. What about our Prison population disparity?
I am not scared of you West. I am INDIGNANT AND EMBOLDENED by your Hateful fear-mongering rhetoric and lack of Humanity toward your fellow man.
I will do everything I can to prevent you from becoming my Representative.


Considering the demographics of America, if a crowd isn't 85 or higher percent white (Hispanic isn't a race, and the Spaniards are white), then it is disproportionate. If 12% were black, that would be the national average. So what is their point? Not to mention that there is only one human race, genetically.

Flagrante Delicto

Hey NOWEST... when you stand a post in the middle of the night facing an enemy who would just as soon cut your throat than to respect your right to exist, then come back here and tells how you really feel. Until you have walked a mile in West's shoes, just just keep your vitriol to yourself.

A Thinker

"Hateful fear-mongering rhetoric" - did you copy and paste that from a blog???? You're a drone.

West thinks for himself. Try it sometime. All of those "hateful" people must hate black people because they support a black man- that makes sense. If someone (who was born with white skin) uses their brain to decide to support someone with conservative ideas- they are hateful people. If we support the white conservative, we are hateful b/c we only support the white guy. If we support the black conservative, we are "hateful" as well.

You're a drone.

We like West because of the character of the man.


NOWEST. Did you think that up all by yourself? And how about that user name. That's really original. Did your Progressive task master assign that to you?

You are not even worthy to shine this man's shoes.

How about using the user name GOWEST.


There's that word that all liberals throw around as much as "racist",....."fortunate" !!
Being fortunate is being the one not killed in a plane crash. Being less fortunate is the ones killed.
When you work hard to get an education or gain employment due to your merits, that is not fortune. That is determination. That is being punctual. That is looking appropriately. It is all being civilized and trying to apply yourself and being a part of a society that is based on law and standards, no matter your background.
It is so laughable that so many people cannot dissent from the man elected President, simply because he is black, for fear of being called racist.
It is not about that. It is and has always been more about competency and character.
When you hear Mr. West speak, it makes you proud to be an American. I only wish the current President could make me feel that way. I am ashamed to say that it is the opposite. Frankly, I am embarrassed that a majority of my peers elected someone with his ideology. With his lack of character and the group of cronies that he constantly surrounds himself with, appoints, and aligns with.
I would take Mr. West in a New York minute !!!!
I believe he not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.

SGT Daniel H. Callaghan USA (Dis.)

I remember my former Lt. from our Airborne days in Italy as an honest and candid individual. Nowest, thank you for your opinion. It's Eagle-eyed wariness such as you've displayed that keep the American Voter alert and politicians honest. If ever LTC West were to even consider straying into those dangerous woods you brought to our attention, I would be even more grateful for your "watch-doggedness.".
With you lighting the paths of error, LTC West is sure to avoid them, due to his great bearing and personal strength, thus making possible for one of the most honorable men I've known to help fix our country.
You should be commended for your efforts. You are a Patriot.


Lt. Colonel West, I'd stand my post anyday with you in command.



West is dangerous

Allen West is an embarrassment. Support of Allen West actually threatens soldiers on the battlefield by telling our enemy that we will lionize combat veterans who engaged in egregious behavior and torture of detainees.


@trottsky | July 16, 2010 at 10:51 PM
Fortunate is often used to apply to the situation people find themselves in that had no influence of their own but as a matter of circumstance whether because of factors of class, race, health, and the situation one may be born into. West's pull up your bootstraps spiel may apply to some situations but there are many situation beyond our control. That is one of the main reasons for the Department of Education, prohibiting discrimination and ensuring equal access to education. Without Protection of Dept of Ed it would be difficult to ensure ensure equality in the education system.
@A Thinker | July 16, 2010 at 09:29 PM
Yes My blog http://NOWESTFL22@blogspot.com Come read about Allen West's torture incident of an innocent civilian Iraqi Policeman that got him relieved of his military command.


@ Halfwit Obamazombie Idiot Nonwest .

Disparity in our prison system???

You are obviously a moron that needs to be erraticated from the planet. The sooner the better . Ignorant racist douchebag commie shill .

Jerry Loves West

Wesdt was leading his troops Iraqui's and American Military on a clear out mission. He was told that that Iraqui( not a policeman) told them that there was an ambush ahead someplace. West , rtesponsible for his people questioned the Iraqui. When he refused to tell West took out his revolver put it next to the Iraquis head pointing STRAIGHT UP IN THE AIR, and pulled the trigger Got the info saved his men, captured the enemy combatants


@Jerry Loves West
not how it happened read the military report @ http://nowestfl22.blogspot.com

Mugged Liberal

nowest... I went to the official document, and what JerryLovesWest depicted was EXACTLY what happened. I am not a resident of Florida, but have been hearing about LTC West, and came to see what all the hype was about.

I am incredibly impressed with him, his opinions, his vision of the 'State of our Union', its causes and remedies. We need him, and more people like him, to represent the average citizens of our Country.

Your attack on this honorable vet is a thinly veiled political partisan attack, and very poorly presented. Perhaps you should practice a bit more before trying again.

LTC West, I am glad to 'meet' you *smiles* and wish to tell you I see a bright political future for you, and a better USA because of it. Wish I was a Floridian in your District, I'd be pounding pavement for your success in your bid for Congress.

Reed Christensen

Wow I have not heard a politician like this since Ronald Regan. I want to move to his district so I can vote for him. 2012 presidential candidate? We need more of his type.




Paula Davis

As a military wife, I've been following West for months. As a Texan, I can't vote for him, but I did donate to the cause.
West's treatment of that "poor inncent Iraqi" is EXACTLY the kind of military leadership I want in the field for my husband and all the other husbands, dads, sons, wives, daughters and sisters in all our great branches of the military. Exit strategies in war are simple things. You kill them, you come home.

Ken Gibbs


It appears that you are heavily out numbered by good folk who see a plan to make things better.

My advice is for you to grovel back to your masters' lair and beg forgiveness for your failure to stop Freedom.

I will let you walk a week in my shoes, but I bet you will give them back the next morning. Minions of the oppressor run for the shadows when confronted with truth. I wear the blood of my Patriot brothers proudly and do not intend to wash it off for you or your little master.

Nec Temere Nec Timide
The California Patriot


NOWEST is the demented psycho that said he was going to 'skin Allen West alive' on twitter...and then got his liberal panties in a wad when authorities were alerted that he was making threats online...he finds all of the articles on Allen and spouts his illogical liberal hate speech. I've had the pleasure to meet & hear Col. West speak several times & I think he is exactly what America needs!


So you are a member of the teacher's union, NOWEST? Strange that you would bring the Department of Education into the conversation. The Department of Education was created in 1976 by Jimmy Carter for the sole purpose of repaying the teacher's union for their needed endorsement...it was a blatant kick-back that Carter didn't even try to hide. The Dept. of Education continues today to function as nothing more than a government slush-fund for the teacher's union and a burden to taxpayers.


NOWEST, thank you for your comments because it is posts like yours that sharpen the focus on why we need Col. West and hundreds more just like him in Washington.

Don Wilson

"Mostly White Crowd".

...another stupid-ass liberal journalist.

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