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Allen West's campaign warchest soars

Allen West, the outspoken black Republican trying to oust Democratic Congressman Ron Klein, has beaten his own fundraising record.

West raked in about $1.4 million for the most recent quarter, said his campaign manager Josh Grodin. That's a big leap from his last quarter when he raised almost $840,000. West's new total is just shy of $3.5 million and as of June 30 he had $2,182,000 cash on hand.

"South Floridians and all Americans are fed up with business as usual in Washington," Grodin said. "In particular, our district has a Congressman who has voted with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time. Citizens are tired of politicians like Ron Klein, and are looking for leaders like Allen West.”

West has been ahead of Klein in fundraising for this cycle -- the most recent reports on the Federal Election Commission website through April showed that West had raised about $2.06 million while Klein had raised $1.86 million. But Klein has been dramatically ahead in cash on hand: $2.6 million for Klein while West had about $1.1 million.

The new reports aren't due to the FEC until July 15. Klein's campaign has not released his figures.


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Ron Klein is another Representative for San Francisco in addition to Pelosi and does NOT represent the people of South Florida. Between taking campaign contributions from BP to investing in companies his committee oversees, he must think we are blind to his motives. Klein's actions are not only no representation, they are an insult to the intelligence of the South Florida voters.

Don't Go West


Don't be a fool. Don't go west!



Chuck Lehmann

The big hero who wouldn't sign his name and who called Lt.Col. Allen West a war criminal, should be ashamed of himself. A finer man, soldier, and human being would be difficult to find as compared to Lt.Col. Allen West. He took pride that when he led a platoon in Iraq, everyone of his men returned alive. As the father of a Marine, I'd celebrate the day my son would be commandered in battle by Lt.Col. Allen West. That "worm" who signed his name, "Don't go West", couldn't shine Lt.Col. West's boots, and I'm sure Lt.Col. West wouldn't let that ingrate do it in the first place. Lt.Col. West is the the members of the Congressional Black Caucus worst nightmare. He won't go along with being on their "plantation" as he is his own man with priciples and integrity, not a lackey of the "Keystone Kop" triumvirate of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. Be prepared to call Lt.Col. West Congressman-elect on the night of Nov. 2.

Chuck Lehmann



After meeting LTCOL West and having a long discussion with him regarding the direction of this country, I am conviced that he is the right man to represent my views in Washington. Ron Klein has spent too much time sucking up to Nancy Pelosi and only voting his party line and not looking out for those of us in his district. I am a registered Independant and my vote is going for Allen West in November!

Big John

I donated to Allen West, and I live in California. Lt Col West is quite impressive, knows world history and the Constitution. We may be stuck with Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer, but it will be a triumph to help elect real Americans such as Lt Col West to Congress. Nationalizing Congressional races is a vaccine to Obama's socialist virus. Go Allen.


My wife and I will wholeheartedly vote for Allen West in Nov. It will be refreshing to have a real conservative rather than a strong supporter of the Chicago Gang with its ruinous programs. OUR COUNTRY CANNOT AFFORD ANY MORE OF THE SAME.

JL Fuller

Some radical leftists like Kieth Olbermann have tried to make an issue about how Col West saved his troops while in Iraq. You need to know the entire story. Here it is according to Front Page Magazine.

In late August, Colonel West received news that his men had been targeted by a group of thugs associated with an Iraqi policeman named Yahya Jhodri Hamoodi. Allied forces quickly apprehended Hamoodi in Saba al Boor, a tiny town near Tikrit. Four interrogation specialists worked late into the evening of August 20, desperately trying to pry the attack plans out of him. Growing frustrated, the interrogators resorted to physical force, punching Hamoodi – without success. (Hamoodi was not seriously injured at any point during the interrogation.) It was then that Col. Allen West intervened.

Seeing that even physical violence had proven ineffective, Colonel West took the next logical step: He took the intransigent suspect outside, shoved Hamoodi’s head into a sandbox and threatened to kill him. The Colonel then pulled out his sidearm and fired a warning shot into the sky. Then West carefully held Hamoodi’s head aside as he fired a shot over Hamoodi’s shoulder, into the warm Iraqi sand burying his visage.

That near-scrape with death did the trick. Hamoodi began singing, telling West the identities of two men planning the attacks and revealing their attack plans, including the site of the intended ambush. The two men were arrested, and Colonel West ordered his men away from the site as they continued to serve the liberated Iraqi people. Upon turning Hamoodi over, he admitted his unorthodox tactics. For protecting the 700 soldiers in his care and cracking Hamoodi where professional interrogators had failed, Colonel West was immediately stripped of his command and threatened with jail time.

Now, who would you want as your commander, the likes of Kieth Olbermann or Col West? Who has who's best interest in mind? Who would you want your kids to serve under? This man is a hero of the first magnitude and has been maligned by the Democrats unjustly.

JL Fuller

Now, for those who think the enemy is some poor misunderstood ten year old who just needs a good home, let me say this: there is a principle called the ticking bomb analogy that dictates extraordinary effort above and beyond is acceptable. The bottom line is that one man's "rights" do not supersede another's life. You may have heard that the Constitution is not a suicide pact, contrary to Democrat and leftist thinking. This story about Col. West is a classic example of just how it is supposed to be done.


Col West is a PATRIOT. He is a man of great
honor and dignity. He will provide principled
leadership. Time for CHANGE. We want our country back. GO WEST!

Jim Arthur

I live in Maine and donate to Allen West. He is a great patriot and American. I am as excited about Col. West as I was about Ronald Reagan. Let's get this country back on a conservative base.

Virginia M. Colonel.........................Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Allen West is a meticulous gentleman as well as a brave leader. I'l definitely vote for him if I have a chance. V. C.


Oh Col. West please move to Jacksonville. We need you up here to get rid of our illiterate, ill spoken Congresswoman Corrine Brown. Please save us!!!

Mark Eibner

I live in Colorado...money has been sent to Mr West. Don't forget another fine conservative here in Colorado. Mr Ryan Frazer D7..another fine example of content and character vs color. These guy's are both Barry's worst nightmare!

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