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Another day, another McCollum attack on Scott for hospital fraud

Bill McCollum's 527 group, Florida First Initiative, debuted another television advertisement attacking rival Rick Scott. It hits a familiar cord: Scott's denials that he knew anything about the $1.7 billion fraud at his former hospital chain. It features a former federal prosecutor who specialized in health care fraud -- but is completely unrelated to the case against Columbia/HCA -- giving his legal analysis on Scott.

The spot, called "Courtroom," is the fourth aired in the last month by the federal political committee -- which is using unlimited contributions from special interests to help keep cash-strapped McCollum in the race against the uber-wealthy Scott. The transcript is below in the full press release. No word on the size of the media buy.

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Questioning Rick Scott’s Credibility
Tallahassee, FL - Today, the Florida First Initiative launched a Florida television ad featuring former Assistant U.S. Attorney A.G. (Alec) Alexander, III, who specializes in health care fraud cases.  In the ad, Alexander casts doubt over Florida gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott’s claims he was unaware his company was committing the largest Medicare fraud scheme in American history.
“As a former Assistant U.S. Attorney I’ve seen Rick Scott’s type before. Companies he created, owned, invested in or controlled, systematically defrauded taxpayers.  Rick Scott claims he didn’t know. Well the facts and the timelines say different.  Rick Scott’s story of not knowing his company was defrauding taxpayers, despite taking the profits, simply does not hold up in light of the evidence,” said former assistant U.S. Attorney A.G. (Alec) Alexander, III. 
From July 2002 to April 2010, A.G. (Alec) Alexander served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana, focusing primarily on the area of health care fraud. He was responsible for the district-wide enforcement of the False Claims Act (FCA), and he organized and managed government fraud investigations. He also trained federal law enforcement agents to investigate, develop and prosecute False Claims Act and whistleblower matters, and led several fraud investigations with national scope. As the district's Civil Healthcare Fraud Coordinator and Affirmative Civil Enforcement Coordinator, Mr. Alexander was also responsible for enforcement of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, the Medical Care Recovery Act and the asset forfeiture statues, among others.

Former U.S. Assistant Attorney Alec Alexander: “As a former Assistant United States Attorney specializing in healthcare fraud, I recovered millions in taxpayer dollars. 

“And I’ve seen Rick Scott’s type before.

“Companies he created, owned, invested in or controlled systematically defrauded taxpayers. 

“Rick Scott claims he didn’t know. 

“Well the facts and the timelines say different. 

“Don’t let Rick Scott fool you into thinking he’s trustworthy.  He’s not.”


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Bloggy Bayou

Bill McCollum: Hypocrite...


If this is all he can do, (i.e., "Cry Thief") (How about showing some Cajones and go after your Buddy Crist over his Greer Connections)...then I say: Enough..we need someone else in charge...



How can Scott say he believes in accountability and then deny any knowledge or responsibility for the fraud committed by the company for whose action he was responsible? How did Rick Scott escape prosecution when others in the similar situations are now in prison? What else has Scott done in his corporate life that could reveal who he really is as a person in terms of beliefs and integrity? It is easy to understand why he and his supporters do not want McCollum people revealing this.


If there was anything else that could of been brought up, then sleezebad McCollum and his group would be talking about it.
Lets see how deep Bill the mudslinger is tied into the credit card gate. He is a sleeze bag and so are his followers.


I knew nothing about Scott until I saw McCollum's attacks. Something didn't sound right so I called McCollum's campaign office. The arrogance with which I was treated made me feel like voting for Scott just out of spite - but my better sense prompted me to research him. Now it's obvious why the polls are 3/2 against McCollum. To state the obvious, McCollum used to be just a tired political hack. Now he's a hack with a hatchet. Get rid of him now. Jeb Bush should be ashamed for supporting him. Really lost respect for Jeb. Time for him to retire from politics too, the family are RINOs anyway.


The reason Rick Scott hasn't been prosecuted, I heard, is that Medicare accused his company of misrepresentation and improper billing. Well, guess what? Medicare and Medicaid learned well from Jesse Jackson and his denizens, and both shake down healthcare providers on a fairly regular basis. Of course, these providers are being screwed every time they submit a Medicare claim anyway, since the reimbursements are no more reliable than throwing a dart at a map on the wall. Even if Scott DID rip off Medicare to the tune of several billion dollars, his company probably still lost money on their relationship with Medicare and Medicaid in the long run. I don't condone dishonesty, but let's face it.....a rose is a rose and horse manure is horse manure. And McCollum's campaign is horse manure. It smells to every American loving voter who hears it.

By the way, I've Seen Alec Alexander's type before as well. And most of them are in Federal Prison serving time for one crime of ambition or another, or back in private practice making a living processing divorce papers after legal misdeeds.

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