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Awkward? Scott explains immigration stance to Hispanic crowd

The Republican frontrunner for governor, Rick Scott, got a polite but less-than-enthused reception yesterday from the Latin Builders Association in Miami, and some in the audience blamed his hardline stance on illegal immigration.

The politically influential LBA does not support states taking immigration policy into their own hands, as did Arizona, with its new law allowing police to question suspected illegals. Scott has pledged to bring a similar law to Florida. Rival Bill McCollum initially opposed the law and and has spent weeks trying to convince voters that he likes it after all.

The group asked Scott four questions. Immigration came first.

"Our federal government has failed to secure our borders. No doubt about it,'' Scott said. "I believe in the rule of law...The police should be able to ask someone if they are legal or not. It's common sense."

Scott and McCollum are expected to face tough questions on immigration when they face off in Miami Monday in a debate hoted by Univision. 

For all the millions of dollars Scott has been pouring out of his own pocket onto statewide television, he hasn't spent a cent yet on Spanish-language media. He said Friday that he cut a Spanish radio ad that morning.


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Luis Espana

I support Rick Scott 100%, we can't play the game of taking decision based on what is favorable to public opinion rather than what is better for this Country. If the politicized federal government is walking on eggs on this issue, the states have all the rights to take strong action in the flooding of illegal to this Country. The police should be able to ask someone if he is illegal or not, is just common sense. If we clean our streets of illegal, our quality of life will comeback to hwere it was 10 or 15 years ago.


Sorry - but immigration is a Federal responsibility. Scott and McCollum are pandering to fear. The real focus of our next Governor has to be wresting Florida away from a development and tourism based economy and bring some real jobs to the state;high-tech,bio-tech,green energy.


The first step is to only provide State birth certificates to children whose parents can prove they are here legally in the US. Nevertheless, we should provide a notarized letter of live birth so the parents country or orgin consulate or embassy can issue the child a pasaport of his true country.

middle path

Scott is a one trick pony and the one trick is not particularly impressive.

Immigration is clearly a fed government role and the states really have no role to play, unless part of a federal task force.

While it is clear that the fed has failed to adequately fulfill its role, the states have no power in this subject. What's next, will states be able to arrest for failing to file your federal tax return?

If the people are unhappy with the fed performance in immigration matters they can feel free to vote out the president and congressman, but an unconstitutional state power grab is not the answer.

This Arizona law will never take effect, since it is clearly not legal under our constitution.

Not Middle-Just Constitutional

I agree 100% with "middle path". Scott can't take an oath to support and defend the constitution without violating it by continuing to take his stance on immigration. It is plain and simple - anyone with half a brain would know it! He is simply pandering to the tea party republicans who have no regard for the Constitution! Oh, and he doesn't want to pay taxes! What a surprise. Without taxes, we'd all be living in the Middle East, right next to Osama's cave - no electricity, no courts, no water, sewer, traffic lights....need I go on?


The federal preemption argument is nonsense. Kidnapping and bank robbery are federal crimes. Does anyone think state laws criminalizing kidnapping and bank robbery are preempted and local law enforcement cannot arrest kidnappers and bank robbers?


Nice try, lemmings.
What part of illegal do you not understand?


I am personally not particularly fond of illegal aliens, period, however, I have a problem with the issue of local cops being empowered/ordered by local entities to ask questions that do not pertain to the incident/accident/situation at all. Think about it---how about the officer asking you questions like "what's your religion, are you gay..."?


The Latin Builders,(Cubans), are legal.
The people they employ, not so much.
It's about the money to be made from cheap labor..

Carlos Ferguson

Scott is a blue collar thieve that I knew since he was with Columbia. He is only there for his interest! and money!

Julio Perez

Rick Scott is a conman. His attempt to garner Hispanic votes in Miami-Dade County is insulting and offensive to anyone that is minimally aware of the proposed legislation. It's practical effect would be to permanently establish a class of U.S. Citizens under constant police suspicion and scrutiny based upon ethnicity. Not very "American"...

Sam Can

I will definitely vote for Rick Scott. He doesn't need the votes of those who support illegal aliens. There are enough of us true Americans who will vote for him.


Rick Scott = GWB revisted.

carl snyder

who cares? if your legal it doesn't make any difference if your from Cuba or Czechoslovakia. its just that 2/3 of illegal immigrants are from Central and South America. its numbers, not race.

carl snyder

In response to Mr. Perez's comment; you have been watching too many movies about big brother. half the cops in Dade county are hispanic, so what are you trying to say?


Rick Scott and Bill McCollum are worthless panderers of the right-wing wackos. One is a Medicare fraud billionaire and the other one is a career politician who will parrot what ever gets him elected. Rick Scott supposedly didn't know that others in the company were committing fraud? That Enron defense doesn't work with the general public and he will be skewered if he makes it to the General Election in November. McCollum, doesn't have a chance at winning. No Money, no charisma, and looks like Opie. Three attributes that will eventually sink his campaign and that's a good thing.

These jokers make Alex Sink look like the only sane choice; hence my vote goes to her come November.


SB 1070 is unconstitutional and racist. This law violates the human rights of legal and illegal immigrants. Stop the scapegoating and take a few lessons from Nazi Germany.


Send all Illegal Aliens back to their wonderful countries. We do not want them here; they are frustrated people who hate the US.

Rick Sanchez

Rick Scott = Blue Man Group reject.


People! Rick Scott defrauded Medicare and Medicaid to make Billions in profits!

He may not have done any prison time but he's still a criminal! Do we want this guy in the Governor's Mansion?

We don't elect criminals to office! What are we Democrats?!

Julio Perez

In response to Carl Snyder, This is not a "Big Brother" issue, it's a civil rights issue. What does the "fact that half of the Officers in Miami-Dade county are Hispanic" have to do with my previous comments? I am not willing to concede that Hispanic officers are going to "give me a pass" merely because of our common ethnicity, no more so than they would on any criminal investigation. Even if for argument's sake I accept your apparent claim, am I supposed to confine myself to Miami-Dade County? Geee, I guess I really don't need to visit the other 66 counties. You put forth a pathetic argument.

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