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Bloomberg: BP spill response boosts "Action Figure Jindal, No Party Crist."

Bloomberg News: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, whose state has been hit hardest by the disaster, has been a vocal critic of the federal response, "and it’s paying off. His approval rating has jumped as much as 10 percentage points in state polls.

"Florida Governor Charlie Crist, running for the U.S. Senate as an independent, also has gotten a lift from his reaction to the spill, helping him move into a statistical tie with Marco Rubio. Rubio’s lead of as much as 34 points had forced Crist out of the Republican primary earlier this year.

“Disasters like oil spills, hurricanes, tornadoes, they are the ultimate test for governors,” said Jennifer Duffy, senior editor at the nonpartisan Cook Political Report in Washington. “Both Crist and Jindal seem to have passed the test.”

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Note to self - Cook Political Report is a joke...

Crist's numbers have dropped since his (lack of) response to the oil spill...

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