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Charlie Crist's Jim Greer payout

Gov. Charlie Crist has said he's "disappointed" in his former hand-picked Republican Party chairman, Jim Greer, who faces fraud charges for allegedly bilking the state GOP. But sometime in the last campaign-finance quarter, Crist's now-independent Senate campaign paid Greer $1,529.89 for "office equipment and furniture."

Just when the expense was rung up or what it was specifically for is unclear. Crist said he didn't know what the expense was for. "If I knew, I would tell you," Crist said. Regardless, the detail is just another reminder of how close Greer and Crist were.

Regardless, the detail is just another reminder of how close Greer and Crist were.

 For months, Crist refused to jettison Greer as more and more Republicans complained the chairman was running the party into the ground. Crist's only interest in rooting out alleged corruption in his party was to attack former House Speaker Marco Rubio, who was beating the governor so badly in the polls that Crist left the GOP and its primary race for Senate. Meantime, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Greer was engaging in questionable contracts on behalf of the party and even submitted an ersatz bill for a fake poll for Crist's Senate campaign.

Fast forward a few months. Rubio looks like he's in the clear. And Greer was the one in the clink.

Anyway, the furniture item in question is on page 778 of Crist's 799-page Federal Election Commission report here).