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Crist blasts Legislature for leaving early

A fired-up gov. Charlie Crist just unloaded on the GOP-lead Legislature for adjourning his special session only hours after it began.

"I can't believe the Legislature has shirked their duty so badly," he said. Of the voters, who would decide whether to add the proposed amendment to the constitution: "They wouldn't even trust them."

He kept going: "How arrogant can a Legislature be? ... It's embarrassing to watch. ... It is clearly the exercise of arrogance of power."

Crist said he won't call the Legislature back in for another session, because they already had their chance and "punted." He said he would consider economic relief that lawmakers say they will pass in early September. He also claimed that "no one asked" him to add other topics to the call, contrary to what Senate President Jeff Atwater said during today's short session.