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DGA chair to headline FL Dems dinner

Jmarkell The chairman of the Democratic Governors Association and the governor of Delaware, Jack Markell, will headline the state party's Jefferson Jackson Dinner on July 17th in Hollywood.

For those of you saying Jack who?, Markell's presence suggests the association's strong interest in the Democratic frontrunner for governor in Florida, Alex Sink. The DGA has pledged to spend at least $1 million on Sink's behalf in 2010.


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Wow, they couldn't get anyone, so they get the governor of Delaware...seriously? Thanks Heckler for providing us with such a superstar (sarcastic). They're going to have a tough time selling tickets to see a virtual unknown in the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party of Florida is such a joke, and it's no wonder why we are in the minority at the state and federal level (and will stay that way as long as we throw these huge parties, that raise little money after costs..not to mention the stupid conventions we have. The Republicans don't have conventions, they just raise money) The party doesn't raise much money ever and they have such a high overhead, paying their employees outrageous salaries, that they need a real superstar in the party to come to JJ so they have a chance of rasing some serious money. Also, 1 million for Alex Sink is almost insulting. That will do nothing in a state this big. It's not even enough for a week of TV statewide...what a joke. I'm embarrassed that this is the best we could do. The FDP should just disappear...no one would notice bc they don't do anything to help candidates win. It just gets worse. If the redistricting amendments don't pass we'll have another 10 years of being in a huge minority, with no way to ever get any power back, especially when we can't raise money and continue to have a huge staff and throw these stupid huge parties that don't raise any money after costs. I can't believe the powers that be in the party think this is a good idea. Unless they raise some serious money, what is the point of these parties? They need to concentrate on raising and saving money so that they can influence elections (that's their job), not just pay the bloated over paid staff. This makes me angry with the party and the decision makers. There is no point to throwing a party unless you can raise a lot of money after expenses, and that is never the case...esp when you have the Governor of Delaware as your headliner.

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