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Dockery: No talk of Scott's LG pick

Speculation is hot and heavy that Sen. Paula Dockery, the Lakeland Republican who had a brief run for governor, could be an outside pick for Rick Scott. A legislative maverick who isn't afraid to clash with party leaders, Dockery could burnish Scott's "outsider" creds, while also giving him someone who knows the legislative process.

She attended his statewide bus tour for a few days, fueling the rumors even more. So we asked her, is she being considered?

Here's her statement: "Rick Scott and I have discussed numerous issues and our shared desire to clean up the culture of corruption in Tallahassee. Neither of us have mentioned the LG position during those conversations. I'm focused on helping good candidates with their races for the Florida Senate. I have offered advice and background info to Rick when he has requested it. As an experienced legislator, I am always truly happy to help people who have a new perspective to offer Floridians."


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Pahokee Pete

Dockery is the last thing Rick Scott needs. Why attach your campaign to an anchor when you've got your steam up? I'm convinced the term half-baked was coined after some poor soul had a chance encounter with Paula Dockery.

Pahokee Pat

Hey Pete,
Get back out in the pasture and finish picking up the cow poo. You know you don't know anything 'bout politics other than what those corrupt friends you hang out with from the sugar mill when I let you loose to have a drink or ten.

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