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Fasano: Drilling ban deserves floor votes

Count Sen. Mike Fasano, a strong Charlie Crist ally, as a "yes" vote on a constitutional amendment to ban oil drilling. But the concern among some supporters of the ban is that the proposal won't even get to a final vote. Say, for example, that House leaders send the legislation to seven committees, all with chairmen who hate the bill. (House leaders have not said they will do this. They've been pretty silent, other than bashing Crist for his so-called political stunt.)

“If the House wants to play that game, well shame on them,” said Fasano, R-New Port Richey. “At a minimum, the joint resolution should come to the floor of both chambers.

He added: “Speaker Cretul doesn’t want this special session. Well guess what? It’s been called, so deal with it.”


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