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George LeMieux takes issue with Obama appointee

George LeMieux calls President Obama's decision to go around the Senate and appoint Dr. Donald Berwick to run Medicare and Medicaid "astonishing and wrong.

"Dr. Berwick’s comments and views regarding the rationing of health care deserve careful and thorough public review," LeMieux said. "Appointing Dr. Berwick while the Congress is out of town is not the kind of transparency Americans deserve and it does nothing to promote bipartisan trust in the Administration. People have the right to know the views of the person in charge of the agencies affecting the health care for millions of seniors and others in need."

Obama today named Berwick and two others to recess appointments, bypassing the Senate and charging Republicans with deciding to "delay critical nominations for political purposes.

"These recess appointments will allow three extremely qualified candidates to get to work on behalf of the American people right away. With more than 180 nominees still pending before the Senate, it’s my hope that my colleagues in Congress will agree to put politics aside and move forward on these vitally important positions."