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Greene's bride wore Swarovski crystal gown, made entrance with swans

With Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene releasing a new ad today featuring his wife and son, it seemed fitting to post The New York Times article about his 2007 wedding. Full story here.

04vows600_1 On the evening of Sept. 29, Rabbi David Baron married the couple at their 27-acre Beverly Hills canyon estate. The Los Angeles skyline glimmered as the bride appeared in a gown of hand-beaded Swarovski crystals, and four swans glided alongside her in a reflecting pool as she made her way to the French limestone gazebo, where Mr. Greene waited for her, beaming.

The 275 guests were an eclectic mix, including the director Oliver Stone; Donald Sterling, the Los Angeles Clippers owner; and the boxer Mike Tyson, who served as best man. After midnight, the guests took to the revolving dance floor installed in the 24-car garage.

When Mr. Greene first arrived in California, he criticized such extravagant displays. “We mock the things we are to be,” he said, quoting a line favored by Mel Brooks. But he makes no apologies for the lavish wedding. He was proud to share his joy and good fortune with friends and relatives.

“It took me 52 years to do this,” he said. And then, contemplating the family he hopes to start, he added, “I just wish I had met Mei Sze 20 years ago."


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Your'e No Dem

Bahaha, She would have never gone for you when you were a Poor Republican.


This whole scene -- with Oliver Stone and Mike Tyson -- sounds so scary, I won't even comment, but I agree with "You're No Dem." LOL


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Slumlord runaway from California late 2007, facing wrongful Death in Van Nuys!!!
He is seeking the Florida US Senate to cover-up the investigation with Congressional Immunity..

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