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Greene's campaign manager quits

Democratic Senate contender Jeff Greene's campaign manager, Josh Morrow, is outta here. 

Morrow lasted less than two months at a campaign that Greene himself has said has "no budget.'' Morrow didn't explain his departure in an e-mail to staffers but said he would be replaced by the "awesome" Jessica Vanden Berg. She was Iowa state director for former Sen. Bob Graham when he ran for president. Bio here.


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Your'e No Dem

Musta figured out HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT.
What a JOKE.


Yeah, it obviously became obvious to him as to what he had become involved in.

Greene is nothing less than a exploitive capitalists ... just a different fversion than Scott; but they are both exploitive of our economy and our society.

It will be helpful if they spend a large amount of that apparently "ill gotten gains" on politics to "recycle the money" through our economy; but it would be a disaster if either of them were to REALLY be elected.

Greene made a substantial amount of money purported in the rather corrupt derivative market to the detriment of MILLIONS of Americans ... it's a pathetic joke that he thinks the people of Florida would vote for him for ANY public office.

R B Quinn

This carpetbagger does not have any connection to Florida, with the exception of his elderly mother having lived in Broward County for over 30 years! It would be interesting to know how he "earned" his millions?

Greene renter

He probably didn't pay him. He doesn't pay anyone who works for him. They usually have to sue him to get paid. Creating jobs! Is all in his republican egomaniac, self delusional head. If the people of Florida fall for this rebublican con artist disguising as a democrat, then they are really stupid. Jeff greene is about 100 special interest groups rolled into one. The special interest being jeff Greene, first last and ALWAYS!

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