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In Miami, Scott unveils his jobs plan

GOP front-runner Rick Scott unveiled his jobs plan Wednesday, his first major policy proposal in the race for the governor's mansion. The plan promises 700,000 jobs in seven years. (And it's seven steps, so it's called the 7-7-7 plan.)

“As governor, I’ll be Florida’s Job Creator-in-chief. I’ll be focused on putting Floridians back to work not securing my next political job and I’ll be accountable to taxpayers not beholden to special interest,” said Scott, who is campaigning in Miami. “My 7-7-7 Economic plan will grow the economy, create jobs and increase wages.”

The seven tenets: Accountability Budgeting; Reduce Government Spending;Regulatory Reform; Focus on Job Growth and Retention; World Class Universities; Reduce Property Taxes; Eliminate Florida’s Corporate Income Tax.

Among the ideas: cut state employee workforce by 5 percent (saving $300 million); veto all pork barrel spending; "market-based salaries" for corrections staff; a freeze on all new regulations; reduce property taxes by $1.4 billion, but protect school funding; and eliminate the corporate income tax.


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No thanks

Sounds like he's planning to cut the state income much more than the budget. I don't buy it.


Florida has a balanced budget amendment. Therefore whatever Scoott cuts taxes (income) to, that's how much the budget will be, by law. That is what a balanced budget amendment does. Governors and Legislators don't get to "do their best" to live within their means. They HAVE TO.

Scott is my choice!


Where's the beef?


So basically his plan for creating new jobs is to fire thousands of people who are currently employed, and then count on still more tax cuts to create such a miraculous economic turn around that more jobs just start popping up like toadstools. Nice theory. Bush senior called it voodoo economics. Bush junior did it and we ended up with the second largest economic collapse and one of the highest unemployment rates in history. Keep up the good work, you tax cutting geniuses of the right!


Here's a nice summary of some more brilliant reasons to support Rick Scott as Florida's CEOGovernor:


True Blue

Choice between the puppet and the crook is no choice at all.

Starry Eyed Fan

I love all these ideas and believe that the same fundamentals that work on the state level can also work at the federal level. I say "Let 'im do it and then send him up to DC in 2012!"

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