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Jeff Greene raises $3,036, spends $5.8 million

Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene's first fundraising report to the Federal Elections Commission shows $3,036 in donations in May and June. Greene, worth an estimated $1.3 billion, is not trying to raise money and has said he will not accept donations from special interests or lobbyists.

The report also shows Greene spent more than $5.8 million -- all from his own pocket. Greene has told some Democrats that he's prepared to spend $40 million, but campaign spokesman Luis Vizcaino said "that's unsubstantiated and incorrect. He's going to spend the resources necessary to win."


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Hey, let's encourage him to campaign all out so that we can get him to put back a little of the money that he "earned" from the CDOs back into the economy.

We don't really want to vote for this guy;we just want to encourage him to spend more of that rather ill gotten moeny that he got at the expense to all of us investors and taxpayers.

If you can't REALLY back up your claims, then I doubt that many people would really consider voting for you.

Would people REALLY be naive enough or stupid enough to REALLY vote for this guy? Surely not. To me he appears to be somewhat of a carny con-man; but that is just my personal opinion. How about if he provides full disclosure to back up all of his "claims" (paid commercials) that he is such a terrific businessman who hascreated meaningful jobs.

Jeff, it's time to "put up" or "shut up", right?

Your'e No Dem

I am Jeff Greene and I am a Billionaire.
I am $oooooooooooo Rich, I must be the best candidate for the job.
I can buy this election and not even notice the missing $$$ from my bank account.
I won't take $$$ from special interests because I am interested in protecting my own special interests.
I always thought Florida was a nice place to visit my mom, but come to find out you Floridians are so politically naive that I can just move here and run for office.
Don't worry about how I made all my $$$ or about sending me $$$. I have plenty and am betting against Floridians again that they will be as stupid in their voting as they are in their investing.

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