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Joe Garcia, David Rivera play Cuba pundits

Fidel Castro's appearance on Cuban TV Monday was the perfect occasion for CNN's Rick Sanchez to bring Cuban-Americans Joe Garcia, a Democrat, and Republican state Rep. David Rivera on his show -- but, alas, not at the same time.

Garcia appeared Monday before Castro's speech. Rivera came on Tuesday afternoon. And -- surprise! -- the two political opponents, both vying for U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart's seat, sounded like they agreed that Cuba's release of political prisoners did not necessarily indicate a change in the Cuban government's policies.

"I don't think we should overreact to what we see here," Garcia said. "Let's see what the Cuban government does now."

And Rivera: "This is more of the same ruminations of a senile dictator."

Sanchez -- who made a crack about Garcia's "clean" haircut Monday ("clean-cut," Garcia corrected him) -- did say Tuesday that Garcia supports lifting the embargo on Cuba, while Rivera wants to keep it in place. Sanchez later had to correct himself: Garcia does not support lifting the embargo.