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Joe Garcia, David Rivera play Cuba pundits

Fidel Castro's appearance on Cuban TV Monday was the perfect occasion for CNN's Rick Sanchez to bring Cuban-Americans Joe Garcia, a Democrat, and Republican state Rep. David Rivera on his show -- but, alas, not at the same time.

Garcia appeared Monday before Castro's speech. Rivera came on Tuesday afternoon. And -- surprise! -- the two political opponents, both vying for U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart's seat, sounded like they agreed that Cuba's release of political prisoners did not necessarily indicate a change in the Cuban government's policies.

"I don't think we should overreact to what we see here," Garcia said. "Let's see what the Cuban government does now."

And Rivera: "This is more of the same ruminations of a senile dictator."

Sanchez -- who made a crack about Garcia's "clean" haircut Monday ("clean-cut," Garcia corrected him) -- did say Tuesday that Garcia supports lifting the embargo on Cuba, while Rivera wants to keep it in place. Sanchez later had to correct himself: Garcia does not support lifting the embargo.


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Marili Cancio's Campaign 2010

Joe Garcia said at the Downtown Bay Forum that he did NOT support the lifting of the embargo and he agreed with the current policy.
In any case, it is wonderful that some prisoners of conscience have been released but let's not forget that these were innocent men and we can't reward Castro's regime in any way until there is not a single political prisoner left, until they stop committing human right abuses and conduct free elections.
And to my opponents, let's have a serious debate before the primary on August 24.

Jose Rodriguez

Glad to see that folks at CNN decided to skip the primaries.


Joe Garcia sounded like a pragmatic, common sense individual.

Contrast that to the Rivera's bitter and hateful "this is more of the same ruminations of a senile dictator."


Garcia supported lifting the embargo last time he ran in 2008. Now he's against it. What a joke. Garcia is a puppet for Obama, that's it.

Francisco Lima

I've never heard Garcia say he's in favor of lifting the embargo. He's always been pretty consistent on that.

Annette Bosch

Joe Garcia has ALWAYS been against lifting the embargo. Rick Sanchez is an idiot. He was when he worked for channeu 7 and he still is.


both of these clowns(Garcia-Rivera) should not win there primary's,but they will, because this is a band wagon town,voters if they decide to vote, vote for who is more popular,and the name they have seen in the media.

they don't study the issues.it's a popularity contest for them and they want to say they voted for the winner.

the district would be better served if Luis Meurice defeated Garcia in the dem primary and if Paul Crespo or Marily defeated Rivera in the gop primary.

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