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LeMieux buys $895,000 home in Broward

From the Sun-Sentinel: U.S. Sen. George LeMieux is planting himself in Lighthouse Point, with the purchase a couple weeks ago of an $895,000 home. It's assessed for taxes at only $525,540 -- that number would be approximately 80 percent of the market value based on sales on that neighborhood -- which means the LeMieuxs paid more than the established market value for this palace. It is relatively new; the five-bedroom, 4,321-square-foot home was built in 2008.

LeMieux and his wife, Meike, have three sons and a newborn daughter. Gov. Charlie Crist appointed LeMieux, who grew up in Coral Springs in Broward, to the Senate seat vacated by Mel Martinez. What will his next career move be? He hasn't said.


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Is this meant to inform, or merely to incite anger towards LeMieux? On, I almost forgot, Beth posted this so it is surely the latter.


I guess all politicians should make an average of 50k their whole lives and live in 100,000 homes, which wouldn't buy you a 1 bedroom apt. in S. FL. This is yellow journalism, and this is coming from a lifelong democrat who doesn't even like Lemieux.


we need LeMieux out of there, he voted against the jobs bill just like every other Republican,we need a government for the people by the people,not corporations,and whoever has the most money running our government.

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