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Letterman's top 10 reasons Jeb isn't running for president


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The real reason is he'd have to explain how much he was paid by Lehman to be a "consultant" after leaving the governorship, and why he agreed to have Florida buy worthless Lehman investments.


Jeb Bush is afraid of JFK's ghost.
Why did LBJ re-start the Vietnam war?
The French had been defeated.
JFK had issued Executive Order #263, ordering all US troops out of Vietnam by ’65.
Wars are usually started to distract the public from some crisis.
What was the crisis LBJ was trying to cover up?
I believe it was because Michael Canfield, DA Jim Garrison, Investigator Paul Kangas Zapruder, Lee Bowers and attorney Mark Lane were raising the CIA murder of JFK, to a fever pitch. There were over 2,000 private investigations going on into who killed JFK! Over 2,000!

There was a virtual fire storm of investigators following leads, collecting photos and evidence, interviewing: Nixon, GHW Bush, Hunt and all the members of the gang who had invaded Cuba in 1962.

A massive class struggle broke out in the US over who killed JFK.

Every newspaper, TV and radio station was pushing the lie that it was Oswald or Fidel Castro who killed JFK.

The public was upset and wanted answer. Instead, LBJ gave them the bloodiest war in history, slaughtering over 10 million children in Vietnam. The river ran red with the blood and bodies of the children of Vietnam. Napalm and blood filled the screens of America to try and distract the angry public from the military style public execution of President John Kennedy -- just because he stopped the invasion of Cuba.


That's a pretty good reason for me.

L. McDaniel

Since when was Zapruder an investigator?

True Blue

Reason # 11 - His last name is Bush.


Knew they couldn't steal the White House THREE TIMES (and also knew that the Democrats are doing an excellent job of running the country and making things better for everyone, except the rich nazi conservatives!)

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