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Marili Cancio, Paul Crespo attack David Rivera

WPLG-ABC 10's Michael Putney had the three Republican contenders for U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart's seat on This Week in South Florida Sunday morning -- and Marili Cancio and Paul Crespo wasted no time to pounce on GOP front runner David Rivera.

After the three candidates predictably said they would have opposed the federal stimulus package ("Good stimulus is ... LeBron James coming to Florida," Cancio quipped), Crespo attacked Rivera, the state budget chief in the Florida House, for proposing reining in spending. "He increased spending Florida, and the way he did it was partly by taking Obama stimulus money and partly by raising fees on Florida motorists," Crespo said.

Countered Rivera: "Not only did we balance the budget, we cut taxes. I led the fight to cut property taxes. Never again in the state of Florida will we have retroactive property taxes."

Later, when the debate turned to Cuba and the trio opposed lifting existing trade and travel sanctions with the island, Cancio -- who has released a web video criticizing Rivera for his friendship with a Cuba trade backer -- said she found Rivera's position "amusing." "He has proudly accepted an endorsement from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that is in favor of lifting the embargo," she said.

"The reason the Chamber of Commerce endorsed me is because I cut taxes and create jobs," Rivera replied. "They know exactly my position on Cuba."

Then Putney brought up Rivera's position as chairman of the Miami-Dade Republican Party. Crespo and Cancio said the called for Rivera's resignation of the post this week at a party meeting where Crespo was escorted out by police for going over his allotted speaking time.

Rivera brushed off suggestions that his position as chair is a conflict of interest, saying state Sen. John Thrasher of St. Augustine heads the state GOP and former U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida chaired the Republican National Committee.

"Mel Martinez was not running against other Republicans while he was chairman of the Republican Party," retorted Crespo. "After I asked David Rivera to resign ... the police were summoned and sent to me to harass me and intimidate me and take me out of the room while David Rivera was speaking."

Rivera denied sending anyone to take Crespo out of the room.

"The Republican Executive Committee is about 100 people here in Miami-Dade County. There are hundreds of thousands of voters in this district that are worried about losing their jobs," he said. "I think the voters of this district are much more concerned about what's going on for the hundreds of thousands and what's going on with the country than 100 people in an executive committee."


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Jose Rodriguez

If the Executive Committe is so insignificant why Does Rivera continue to cling to it.AND YES this election is about what's going wrong in this country and David Rivera is part of the problem (always has been).

Rivera is a wife beater

David Rivera's domestic violence record is appalling...



Republicans: Rivera is a SCUMBAG and everyone knows it! However, we shouldn't lose the seat to a Democrat - least of all to an equal SCUMBAG, Joe Garcia!

The Party is being manipulated by Rivera into thinking that if we don't elect him, anyone else would lose to Garcia - It isn't true!
Paul Crespo can beat Garcia!

Let's get rid of BOTH: rivera and garcia!


Why is the Miami-Dade Republican Party's office inside David Rivera's office?

David Rivera is scum!

How can anyone doubt that Rivera and Ariel Pereda are close friends? They were together at Nelson Diaz' wedding to Lissette Rodriguez on May 8th. Find the photos!

Why is this important? Because it is tangible proof that Rivera is lying! Just as he lies and cheats about everything!

Joe Garcia Hits Women

Joe Garcia's domestic violence record is appalling...


Paul Crespo Hits Women and Cops

Paul Crespo's domestic violence and arrest record is appalling...


Paul Rivas

Yeah..except the difference is that neither Paul Crespo's or Joe Garcia's address or social security numbers match the ones on that file.



Record Straight

The accusations are simply a smear campaign against Rivera, who is not the David Rivera in the complaint. Joe Garcia's campaign is up to it's dirty tricks - they distributed the misinformation, acting much like the Cuban government does with its propaganda against the exile community.

Rosa Perez

Anyone with all that lobbyist money has to have an agenda that is not the people's agenda. Cancio has a point on fighting this and we should all be mindful of the need for our elected officials to have the ability to think of Florida first and not the deep pocket suits.


Of course it's the same David Rivera people!
These accusations came out when he first ran in 2002!

Remember, he didn't carry Miami-Dade County. He won after 2:00 am when the west coast votes came in.


David Rivera is SCUM!

What's ridiculous is that everyone who knows him personally, knows this! Unfortunately, he will now use his $$$$$ to buy radio and tv ads and confuse all the elderly voters.

The Republican Party needs to produce a better candidate!

Rosa Perez

I think FIU should hold a debate as soon as possible where David, Paul and Marili can debate for real. Not this Putney thing that did nothing. The debate should be moderated by The Miami Herald, Diario Las Americas and the New Times. I want to hear answers to questions which really affect us. We are all aware that David has the power of the REC and demonstrated by his endorsement from the Collier REC. We need to more to hear the issue and not they crying. Can David really do a good job? Does he understand the Federal Government? Can he look beyond the special interest and lobbyist control which are funding him? Maybe he can or maybe he cannot?

What do you say Miami Herald, Diario Las Americas and the New Times? South Florida needs you NO!

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