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Meek raises another $1 mil

From PoliticoRep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.) raised slightly more than $1 million in the last three months of his Senate race, keeping up his fundraising pace so far but banking far less than what real estate billionaire Jeff Greene has shown he's willing to spend to win the Democratic nomination. Greene has spent at least $5 million of his own funds in the race for Senate in the last couple months  more than the approximately $4 million that Meek will report having in the bank at the end of June, according to fundraising tallies obtained by POLITICO.

Greene, still spending, is expected to release a new television ad tomorrow.

UPDATE: Meek campaign confirms the $1 million-haul and says it came from $7,000 donors, with 85 percent giving $100 or less.


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This is pathetic, and shows that Kendrick is not a viable candidate. He'll have less then 4 mil on hand and a large portion of that is reserved for the general election. Even if he wins this primary, he doesn't even crack 20% in the general. As a Dem, I'm with Charlie, but in the primary I think I'll vote for Greene bc I truly believe Kendrick is not qualified enough to be in the Senate. Kenrick rips on Greene for making a smart business decision, while he was in congress, ignoring the housing bubble and acting like it would last forever. At least Greene had the foresight to see the bubble bursting, and had he been in Congress might have been able to do something. I don't even think he should be a congressman, so I'm glad he's running this impossible race.


Yes, instead of doing something about the housing bubble, Greene PROFITED from it!

That's all we need - another Billionare who who took advantage of American tragedy and irresponsibility and now wants to govern over us?!


At least Kendrick has been there, where have YOU been? - Oh, that's right getting rich off the American people!


Meek is a turnip who has no chance in h*ll of winning the general election. Better off putting your money in the lottery. At least there's a chance it pays off!

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