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Meet Jeff Greene, family man

Another day, another ad from the Democratic contender for the U.S. Senate with the bottomless pockets, Jeff Greene. This spot seeks to bury his party-boy past and establish him as a family man, with gauzy shots of his wife of three years and their infant son.

No cameos from Mike Tyson, the celebrity boxer and convicted rapist who served as Greene's best man at his wedding, and Heidi Fleiss, the prostitution ringleader who stayed with Greene when she was escaping an abusive relationship.

The ad also fudges the fact that Greene has only lived full-time in Florida since 2008 by noting that his family moved to Florida 40 years ago, which is true.


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Your'e no Dem

I am Jeff Greene, and I am A Billionaire from California.
While you all went broke I laughed all the way to the bank.
I won’t take money from special interests, because I am my own special interest.
I will ensure the same predatory practices that raked in Million$ for myself remain in the economic marketplace.
I will bring Jobs to Florida by pumping millions of dollars in ad revenue for a short period of time to local affiliate TV stations.
My last name is Greene so I intuitively have experience about a green tech/clean tech economy.
The Victory party will be on my Yacht with several of my closest felonious friends.
This ad paid for by the Money I made from Betting against YOU FLORIDA.


We can only hope that Florida voters will not allow Greene to buy his way into the Senate seat. Voters must do their research and make sure they check the facts- there is a good reason that Jeff Greene tries to smudge over and obscure his past.
Guess who doesn't hide his past? Who got their start working as a law enforcement officer in Florida, and who actually HAS lived here his entire life? Kendrick Meek!


How you trust a man who doesn't even how to pick out a decent wife to run a state??!!

He is tasteless - his wife is DROP-DEAD-UGLY!!!

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