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More on the Rivera-Pereda connection

Check out this video linking Cuban-American hardliner and congressional candidate David Rivera to Ariel Pereda, a businessman who facilitates trade with Cuba. (Miami Herald story here.) Seeking comment from Rivera and his  campaign.


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Concerned Republican

This is disgraceful. David Rivera should step down immediately as Miami Dade Republican Party chair and end his campaign.


Cuba would have been a free country a long time ago if we would have taken the same strategy we took with China.


Reeaally! I didn't know that Communist China practices Democracy.

I may have missed the memo but tell me, have all of China's political prisoners been released yet? I DON'T THINK SO.

Anyone who trades with the Castro brothers are traitors to America!


Exactly FULANITO, that is why David Rivera is the worst kind of traitor.


David Rivera Cavorts with Communist Sympathizers


FACEBOOK FRIENDS?!!!!! I wonder if David ever poked Ariel? Don't you have people on your friends list you havent seen in years? David is friends with Joe on facebook, guess he cavorts with him too. Oh, btw Ariel gave Joe $500 for his campaign. The video that shows Ariel at David's campaign event was open to the public, I'm sure Joe had supporters there too.


It's clear that Rivera is LYING. RIvera said that he hasn't seen Pereda in 4 years. Clearly..THAT'S A LIE. That's what the video shows...RIVERA CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

Rivera, Marco Rubio and Pereda are BEST FRIENDS. Rivera is lying by saying they're not friends.

We need a real conservative! My vote is for Paul Crespo!!!


The Rivera and Pereda friendship has been going on since the 1996 Dole/Kemp Presidential campaign. They were not close then but their friendship is very well-known

I even recall a legislative measure close to Pereda's interests that then Speaker Marco Rubio had to remove from consideration because it became too embarassing. It even made the news.

I'm really disappointed in Rivera - cavorting with Communist apologists!


I cannot believe that the electorate in Miami-Dade County is so naive that they are willing to believe anything! The reality is this Mr. Rivera has openly stated that he is friends with Mr. Pereda. Fortunately, Mr. Pereda lives in the United States and the democratic government of this country allows him to earn a living however he chooses. We do not have to agree with this as individuals or a community but we must also respect the democratic process in which Mr. Pereda is freely allowed to conduct himself. The FACT is fact that Mr. Pereda and Mr. Rivera are friends NOT BUSINESS PARTNERS. Mr. Rivera cannot be accused of being a COMMUNIST or anything of the such because his record on Cuba speaks for itself... I think all candidates should be elected on their positions regarding the issues that affect our community not meaningless cheap shots as we are currently seeing. I also do not feel that Mr. Rivera should have to apologize for a personal relationship. All individuals that feel the need to express themselves on this matter should take a few moments to reflect and make sure they do not have any skeletons in their own closets because sooner or later they will come out. Additionally, Mr. Rivera's colleagues should refrain from making comments because their slates are not that squeaky clean. In conclusion, I truly hope that the voters of the Miami-Dade community will look at candidates based on their individual merits and track record instead of the meaningless fluff that is being presented here.

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