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New group attacks Crist as a flip-flopper

A new political group entered the Florida U.S. Senate race Wednesday with an attack on Charlie Crist as a flip-flopper.

The American Action Network -- a Washington, D.C.-based 501(c)4 nonprofit group which doesn't disclose donors -- is running the 30-second TV spot in the Tampa market and the Panhandle. (The group also debuted a website changingcharlie.com.) The ad kicker: "You can’t trust Charlie Crist to fight for jobs … unless it’s his own job." Sound familiar Marco Rubio?


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Of course it's Marco. It's sad that he's going this way. He has a huge problem, he can't win as the ideologue he is. He ran a great primary race, but when he didn't have a republican to run against he didn't know what to do. He has no appeal to independents or Democrats, so of course he'll go negative. I don't think it will work, bc people know Charlie, and they only know that Marco is way far to the right and doesn't know how to come anywhere close to the middle. You'd think he would have had a plan for the general election, but as of now it looks like he's just going to attack Charlie and offer no ideas. He's out of step with the mainstream voter in this state, and he can't fix it bc he's made it clear that he is a hard core "tea bagging" right wing Republican. It's amazing that he doesn't realize he needs to change his strategy or he is going to get beat badly. Sorry Marco, but you ran a good primary, but all that matters is the general and you haven't changed.


Marco has some flip flopping issues he's going to have to deal with to. Considering all the new taxes he approved while he was speaker. They called them fees or something else, but they were taxes, no way around that.Marco isn't even the darling of the right that these stupid "tea baggers" think he is. His record will be scrutinized and you will see what a true hypocrite he is.

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