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No $52,000 cake for Crist this year?

Oh it seems like only yesterday that Gov. Charlie Crist was celebrating his birthday at the swanky Breakers hotel in Palm Beach in 2008 with some of the biggest special interests in Florida. Among the guests was Fort Lauderdale lawyer-turned-accused-swindler Scott Rothstein, who paid $52,000 to have his name on the cake.

Fast forward to 2010. Crist is no longer the fundraising king of Florida -- that honor now belongs to his rival, Republican Marco Rubio, who raised three times what the governor collected between April and June. And Crist's mom is sending out homespun fundraising appeals. (I assume they aren't charging lobbists for candles this year.)

Tomorrow is my son's birthday.  No big parties, no fancy celebration.  And yet, July 24th is a special day for me.  It always has been.

Our tradition is to have small family gatherings.  Every year, I bake his favorite: chocolate cherry nut cake.  But, as much as my Charlie loves that cake, this birthday I think he would be better served if you joined our team today by making a contribution!

I will help Charlie succeed any way I can.  Our whole family supports him not only out of love, but because we know better than anyone how honest he is, and how big of a heart he has.  Charlie will put the people of Florida's interests first.  Always.   

And now I have even more reason to be excited about this race.  Ever since Charlie declared himself an Independent, he has sounded more and more like the son my husband and I raised.   He's just Charlie, now.  I couldn't be prouder.

If Charlie can get his message out, if Florida can see the Charlie I see, the man I'm so proud to call my son, I know he'll win.  He'll go to Washington, keep his promises, and do right by the people who elected him.  That's just the kind of man he is.

That's my Charlie.
Happy Birthday!