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Obama coming to Miami for fundraiser

President Barack Obama is slated to headline a fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party on Aug. 18 at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach.

The fundraiser with the Democratic frontrunner for governor, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, comes shortly after the Obama family is slated to spend the Aug. 14 weekend vacationing in the Gulf to promote the post-oil spill tourist economy.

The news of Obama's trip will escalate speculation over what the president will or will not do on behalf of Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek, who is struggling for traction in the U.S. Senate race. Will Meek get to fly with him on Air Force One? Greet him on the tarmac? Put his arm around him at the fundraiser?

In the meantime, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is planning to headline a fundraiser for Meek on Aug. 2 in Washington.


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With Meek lining up all the heavy hitters, it makes you wonder if it'll be good for him or bad...and if it gets him elected, it makes you wonder if he wont just be a pawn in the pocket of these guys. IE: chump change


I think its amazing how these Washington politicos come down to the devastated Gulf for a vacation and that's supposed to make it all better? As if right behind them are millions of others? This is the height of egotism!

Zach Barr

I doubt if all this chumminess will lead to a win for Meek

Martin James

McCollum is starting to lose a lot of votes in the primary from tea party people because they are looking for an alternative and they are hearing Mike McCalister in small meetings all over Florida.
I know it's futile, but they will vote on principle, unlike the GOP.

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