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On $200,000 oil-related expenditures

Last night, Rep. Sandy Adams, R-Oviedo, released a tough statement. She wants to censure Gov. Charlie Crist because he called a special session on drilling. It's already illegal, she notes. "Governor Crist is wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' dollars on an unnecessary special session of the State Legislature, and he should be held accountable for this misuse."

If it goes for all four days, a high-end estimate for next week's session is $200,000. Of course, according to House Speaker Larry Cretul, we know that next week's session is likely to be short.

Interesting figure, that $200,000. Sounds like a lot of cash. It also happens to be the exact amount House Republican leaders spent in April on a study to gauge the risk of offshore drilling in Florida waters.

Under the section titled "Blowout and risk of oil spills," we get this prediction: "It is reasonable to conclude that the probability of a blowout relating to production platforms in Florida’s Gulf Coast State waters is exceptionally low."