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Rare joint sighting of McCollum and Scott in Miami

Yesterday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott announced that he would attend the Miami-Dade Republican Party's annual Lincoln Day dinner. Not to be shown up, at 5:44 p.m. today came this notice from his rival, Bill McCollum:

"A scheduling addition note for our friends in Miami -- don't be surprised to see Attorney General McCollum this evening. He will swing by the Miami-Dade County REC's Lincoln Day Dinner..."

In his brief remarks, McCollum noted his endorsements from some of the elected officials in the room and perhaps the most popular Republican outside of it -- former Gov. Jeb Bush. "I'm counting on you to get out that vote on Aug. 24,'' said McCollum.

Scott appealed to the heavily Cuban-American crowd. "I know that the embargo is a big deal and we have to continue to worry about freedom for Cubans every day," he said.

Miami-Dade Republican Party Chairman David Rivera called for a united party after the polls close on Aug. 24. "We will wrap our arms around our nominee because it is that important,'' he said. "We must have a Republican governor in Florida."

The event raised more than $150,000, Rivera said. Also at the event were two of the Republican candidates for attorney general, Pam Bondi and Holly Benson, and the GOP frontrunner for chief financial officer, Jeff Atwater. Their races have been eclipsed by the marquee races for governor and U.S. Senate.

"All across the state I'm the band that plays right before the Rolling Stones...I'm Marco Rubio's warm-up act,'' Atwater quipped.


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Bloggy Bayou

Alvin Greene Has Got the Fever and Charlie Crist is Catchin' It!!!!!!!


Catch the Fever!!!



Palmetto Bay Mayor Gene Flinn, a staunch liberal Democrat running for County Commission to replace liberal Commissioner Katy Sorenson in District 8, paid BIG $$$ to rub elbows with conservative Republicans Eric Cantor and Marco Rubio last night.

Not only did he attend the dinner but paid extra to mingle "close-up" at a private reception with Rubio and Cantor. I guess he's reading some of the polls that are out there (and not just the ones on the Senate race). Could this be a case of hypocracy or maybe he simply can't say NO to anyone or any one group, like good ol' Albert Harum-Alvarez?

I wonder if Flinn will post his pictures with Eric Cantor and Marco Rubio on his Facebook page?

Time will tell, depending on the week's polling.


wow. someone is talking tall tales here. He visited there for about 15 minutes because he was next door at his high school reunion and he then left. I was at the reunion too.

As a republican I have democratic and independent friends and actually, family members, as my children are. So who gives a hoot that he would pass by that event as he was going to his own? Commission seats are non-partisan.

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