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Rick Scott goes door-to-door

GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott did some traditional shoe-leather, door-to-door campaigning Saturday morning. On one cul-de-sac for 15 minutes.

A sunburned Scott, with his daughter Allison Guimard in tow, visited less than a dozen houses on Northwest 21st Street in Pembroke Pines. Residents answered at only four homes and one belonged to a campaign staffer.

Residents at the other three homes appeared to like and instantly recognize Scott, the Republican who has spent millions of his own dollars broadcasting campaign ads.

"I'll be honest with you, I was going to vote for your opponent [Attorney General Bill] McCollum," said one resident. "But now you're here and I'm undecided."

The two men chatted for a while about the economy. Scott closed with a pitch for his vote and the homeowner replied: "I will, sir."

The other two residents also greeted Scott warmly.

Most of the homes on the cul-de-sac were empty, so Scott tried to score points by bringing up tossed newspapers and leaving them on the doorsteps -- with campaign literature.

Scott said the experience reminded him of when he sold Boy Scout "stuff'' door-to-door as a child.

"You never know what you're going to get," he said, after. "But everyone's been really nice.


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Whatever Rick!

You're still one of the reasons why Medicare is going bankrupt.

You're still a felon - A BIG ONE!

Bloggy Bayou

THIS is what they should do in the Special Session: Take Note Rick Scott!



True Blue

He's in the same league as Nixon - unindicted co-conspritor.

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